Tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite will be returning to Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, FL. Crew members have been setting things up for the show and local labor union group IATSE 115 (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) wrote the following on Facebook yesterday:

“We reopened with AEW-All Elite Wrestling SAFELY at Daily’s Place Amphitheatre today [Tuesday]. A COVID-19 Rapid Test was given to every stagehand, road crew, venue staff and talent before entering the venue. Portable wash stations, hand sanitizer stations, mandatory masks covering, social distancing (especially at breaks) at all times. We didn’t ask to be the first but we are and we are working to keep it SAFE! #iatse115 #unionstrong #returntoworksafely.”

The account also responded to a fan’s question about what happens if someone tests positive for Covid-19:

“All the IATSE local members tested negative on the Serological test. If a member had tested positive then they would be referred for a Molecular test. Results of this test determines whether you can work.”

AEW Owner, Tony Khan, has also chimed in on the matter. Khan posted on Twitter that Dynamite would be live tonight and said that he as well as all wrestlers and staff have been tested for COVID-19 and all tests are negative.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out on tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite.