Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States we’ve seen a huge shift in our daily lives. Things that were once out of the ordinary are now the new normal. Starting in March we’ve seen a complete halt on almost all entertainment, including professional wrestling.

The larger companies have been able to keep running shows, mainly to comply with their television contracts. Smaller companies have all stopped running events, with some possibly on the verge of closing up shop.

Tonight, NWA Powerrr returns with original programming. Starting at 6:05pm EST, the NWA will be airing is special episode of NWA SUPER POWERRR, which was original slated to be the go home show for this years Crockett Cup. At the conclusion of tonight’s SUPER POWERRR, we’re going to hear directly from William Patrick Corgan (Owner) on the future of the National Wrestling Alliance.

We’re hoping/thinking that the news will be regarding when the NWA will be returning to live events, rather than something much more dire. We’ll keep you posted as the announcement is made.

UPDATE: The show is live, you can watch now below: