EC3 issued the following statement regarding his release as well as an accompanying video:

ec3 character synopsis⁣⁣
Created by a perfect storm of frustration, angst, restraint, solitude and the sense of losing everything, the character of ec3 forced himself to consider the inconceivable.⁣⁣
That he was defeated.⁣⁣

Refusing to accept that as a reality, ec3 has become dedicated to a new cause.⁣⁣
Achieving self-actualization. ⁣⁣
Finding PURPOSE.⁣⁣
Destroying a moniker he felt never had an opportunity to live up to its potential, “The Top 1 Percent,”

ec3 embraces suppressed inhibitions. ⁣⁣

Forgoing a persona that has a penchant for the finer things (attire, appearance, possessions) and a welcoming yet always professional personality is an evolution into an uber-mensch in a leather jacket. ⁣⁣

Purified by the pain of regret and driven by a primal purpose, ec3 finds fuel in his repressed masculinity. ⁣⁣
ec3 becomes the manifestation of a violent nihilism.⁣⁣

With ec3’s evolution comes an all encompassing ideology. ⁣⁣
ec3 becomes a walking, talking cultural commentator railing against the numbing confines of post-modern existence.

With wit, machismo, and blatant rage ec3 lashes out against all things relevant to the wrestling world.

Social Media, advertising, mass consumerism, celebrity, the “smiles on people’s faces” and most glaring, the corporate culture.⁣⁣

In his inability to realize his own goals, aspirations, and what he deems his loss, ec3 seeks enlightenment through comeuppance.⁣⁣

Some in the WWE Universe (the wrestling world) would find empathy for ec3. Knowing how it feels to be “unwanted” or “cast aside” the audience would find ec3’s opposition to the modern product and the corporate culture alluring. ⁣⁣

Other’s in the WWE Universe (wrestling world) would find ec3’s behavior hypocritical. The negativity ec3 preaches becomes incessant lecturing, and the means of his behavior destructive, borderline obnoxious, and slightly insane

Regardless of perception, after a real and tangible story of loss, regret, and sacrifice ec3 embraces and important question ⁣⁣
“Would you rather be the Universe’s enemy or nothing at all?”⁣⁣