The Smackdown mystery hacker “invaded” this week’s edition of WWE Backstage with an interruption. The WWE on FOX Twitter account used the caption “¿ʍou uoı̣ʇuǝʇʇɐ s,ʎpoqʎɹǝʌǝ ǝʌɐɥ ı̣ op” which is “do i have everybody’s attention now?” upside down. The phrase was famously used by CM Punk in 2011.

CM Punk became the voice of the voiceless when he dropped the pipebomb years ago and shocked the entire WWE universe. He wanted his truth to be heard. Considering all that, it is not hard to believe that WWE wanted to tease the fans by saying “The Truth will be heard”.

Also, let’s look at the caption of the post that says “Do I have everybody’s attention now?”. It is a line that was used by CM Punk years ago.

After a phenomenal run in WWE, Punk finally decided to leave the company and try his luck in mixed martial arts. Punk showed up in the best MMA organization out there and fought Mickey Gall and Mick Jackson. Unfortunately, Punk suffered losses in both of the fights and was forced to explore bigger opportunities in the world of pro wrestling. ‘

Fans then started speculating that The Best in the World would show up in AEW who is the biggest rival of WWE at the moment. However, it seems Punk may be back home now and this time he is coming to entertain the fans as The Mystery Hacker.

Do you think we’re going to learn the identity of the Smackdown hacker soon? Possibly this Friday’s go home show before Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV. Maybe at MITB itself? Only time will tell.

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