Last night Becky Lynch announced she was pregnant to kick off Monday Night RAW. During the announcement, she also relinquished her RAW Women’s Championship and let Asuka know that by winning the Money in the Bank Match on Sunday, she was now the new Champ.

Mike Johnson of provided some backstage news regarding the Becky Lynch pregnancy announcement:

“They kept it super quiet. Lynch was kinda very quiet backstage. She wasn’t very talkative with people. She wasn’t beaming about the news to those in the company until after the segment was taped. So there were a lot of people who were not aware all this time that she and Seth were expecting a child until the announcement was made.”

“There is no timetable for her return. We are told obviously if and when she wants to come back they want her back. This will be a major thing in her life that she will endure and her life is gonna change forever.”

“We were told that when WWE filmed the Money In The Bank ladder match in Stamford that Asuka was not aware she was winning the RAW Women’s Championship. She was not aware that was happening until yesterday when she got to the taping. So her reaction while she knew what was going to happen in the segment was legitimately shocked and excitement we were told.”

After the announcement was made official during RAW, Lynch and others reacted to the news with the following comments: