During an interview with Inside The Ropes, Triple H addressed the claim that WWE manipulates crowd noise:

“The one thing I love about what we do is the passion of the fan base,” Triple H said. “I think sometimes fans think it’s something we hate, I see the internet talk about us manipulating crowd noises? We don’t manipulate the crowd noises, it’s just what’s happening. It just is. They’re passionate about it, but we love the fact that they can express their opinion. We love the fact that they can go out there and say this is great or this isn’t great, this guy is a good guy or this guy is a bad guy.”

“If they tell us they dislike something, if we’re smart, we listen to that,” Triple H said. “It might take us a while but we can fix it. If you talk about the women’s evolution, it started, hadn’t boiled up until there was a definitive moment where the fans had had enough. #givedivasachance trends globally for 3 days, the noise, Vince responded on social media ‘Keep watching, we hear you’. That caused the change, we embraced it even though it took a while to hear it. Embraced the change and now it’s headed in a completely different direction. It takes time and it takes time for things to change but we’ll get there, shifting cultures isn’t easy.”