John Pollock of is reporting that at a time when television viewership has reached record lows, WWE is planning to announce a ruling that will ease the brand extension. Pollock wrote the following:

“POST Wrestling was informed that the ruling will be introduced on tonight’s episode of RAW with the hope that it will be a simpler version of last year’s ill-fated Wild Card rule.”

Talent crossovers are expected to be kept to a minimum throughout the year but plans could always change. One source indicated that the networks requested the idea.

Following the 2019 Superstar Shake-up, the original ‘Wild Card Rule’ was introduced, allowing up to four wrestlers to appear on the opposing brand’s show for one night only with unsanctioned appearances penalized. This rule, however, was immediately broken, and the stipulations were never enforced, making brand division unclear. The rule was criticized by journalists and current wrestlers alike. With SmackDowns move to FOX on October 4, 2019, another draft was scheduled, as well as the announcement that the Wild Card Rule would end with the last WWE Draft.

UPDATE: As noted earlier, WWE is bringing back a “simplified” version of the wild card rule to help with declining television viewership.

On this week’s RAW, Drew McIntyre announced that there will be a “brand to brand” invitation starting next week on RAW with McIntyre vs. King Corbin.

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