Comedian Tom Segura made fun of wrestling fans during his recent podcast (video below) by saying people that watch it are “f***ing retards” and insulted people that are “over 11” for watching.

Dolph Ziggler issued a response to Segura with the following message:

“Hi Tom, big fan of both of you and Christina P, for years. I am a former collegiate wrestler turned professional wrestler, and a lifelong wrestling fan. I have been with WWE for 15 years now and we are the epitome of sports entertainment. There are villains, heroes, undertakers, superhero’s and everything in between for children and adults of all walks of life. We are just like any tv show, movie & even podcast except, our risks are much more real (sans Tom Cruise hanging on to the outside of Elon Musks spaceship). I am extremely proud of the incredible work wrestlers continue to put in everyday and I am pleased with our product (usually). I will assume this is a comedic take from someone having fun. If not, I am always willing to discuss the professional wrestling business at length, any time and any place.”