This is the go home show for this weekends Money in the Bank PPV, the chance for action before the big event. As you know, we’re still working on a tape delay and without crowds, but that doesn’t mean the show isn’t staked tonight.

WWE SmackDown kicks off with Mandy Rose backstage with Otis. He asks her if she’s ready and she says she is and she tells him to focus on his Money in the Bank match on Sunday as she has this one. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and walks away.

Sonya Deville is backstage and in comes Dolph Ziggler. She says this is 5 years worth of beatings and Ziggler says he will be right there waiting for her to celebrate.

Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville

The bell rings and Mandy goes right after Sonya. Mandy stomping on Sonya in the corner followed by right hands. Sonya pushes her away as Sonya kicks her in the stomach. Sony goes for a right hand, Mandy ducks and hits Sonya with a right hand. Sonya rolls out of the ring.

Sonya walks around and gets on the ring apron as Mandy goes to knock her down as Sonya moves out of the way and knocks Mandy down. Sonya goes for Mandy’s injured right thigh. She goes for the cover but Mandy kicks out. Sonya working on Mandy’s injured right leg. Sonya drags her down and gets a body lock in on Mandy.

Deville yelling at Mandy telling her if she actually thought she was better than her. Sonya starts removing Mandy’s eye lashes off as Mandy gets out of the lock. Sonya kicks Mandy back down. Sonya runs to the ropes but Mandy with a clothesline takes Sonya down. Another clothesline by Mandy followed by a knee to the face which takes Sonya to the outside.

Mandy slams Sonya’s face into the announce table. Mandy grabbing Sonya and slams her into the ring steps. Mandy throws Sonya over the announce table. Mandy throws Sonya back into the ring. Mandy goes for a flying knee but Sonya ducks and goes for a roll up and gets the pin.

Winner: Sonya Deville

The New Day and Lucha House Party vs. The Miz, John Morrison and The Forgotten Sons

Kofi and The Miz start the match. An arm bar by Kofi as Miz reverses it into an arm bar of his own. Kofi reverses it and gets out of it. Miz reverses that and gets Kofi in the corner. Kofi with a right hand as he fights all four men. All eight get in the ring as The New Day and Lucha House Party clean house. Kofi flies over the top rope and Dorado with a suicide dive onto Miz and Metalik with a suicide dive onto Morrison.

Blake is in the ring with Big E and Big E with an abdominal stretch but Cutler gets in the ring as Big E knocks him to the outside. Kofi is tagged in as they double team Blake. Kofi goes for the cover but Blake kicks out. Kofi with a drop kick off the second rope followed by a snap mare. Big E is tagged in and a splash by Kofi. Big E with a big splash himself. Metalik is tagged in as he and Dorado double team Blake. Metalik tags Kofi into the match. Kofi off the top rope jumps ad lands on Blake’s arm. He goes for the cover but Blake kicks out.

Kofi sends Blake to the corner. Kofi geos for a big splash but Cutler moves him out of the way. Miz is tagged in as he knocks Kofi down. Miz with a kick to the face. Morrison is tagged in and they double team Kofi. Morrison with a knee to the face. He goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out. Cutler is tagged in as he stomps on Kofi. Blake is tagged in and a headlock on Kofi but Kofi with a jaw breaker counter. Kofi on the ring apron knocks Miz down as Blake hits Kofi with a suicide dive to the outside.

Back from commercial, Morrison is tagged in as he and Miz double team Kofi. Morrison goes for the cover but Kofi kicks out. Right hands by Morrison and Blake is tagged in. An abdominal stretch by Blake on Kofi in the ring as Cutler is tagged in. Kofi with a hip toss takes Blake down as he kicks Cutler down. Miz is tagged in. Kofi throws Blake to the outside and throws Cutler to the outside. Miz attacks Kofi as a fight breaks out in the ring and on the outside.

Metalik is tagged in as is Morrison. Metalik flies off the second rope and lands a hurricanrana. Metalik jumps off the top rope as Dorado is tagged in. He jumps off the top rope as The Forgotten Sons catch him. They try slamming him, he lands on his feet and lands a double springboard stunner. A smack on Morrison as Metalik is tagged in. A sunset flip on Morrison but Morrison kicks out. Dorado is tagged in. A spiked hurricanrana on Morrison. Metalik with a moonsault. Dorado with a moonsault. He goes for the cover but The Forgotten Sons break it up.

Metalik is thrown to the outside. Kofi in the ring as he throws Blake to the outside. In comes Big E as he and Kofi double team Cutler. Kofi on the ring apron as Blake trips him up. Miz throws Big E to the outside as The Forgotten Sons double team Big E. Blake powerbombs Kofi onto Big E on the outside.

Metalik with a dropkick takes Miz to the outside. He climbs the turnbuckle as Morrison knocks him down. Morrison knocks Dorado down. He goes for the starship pain, Dorado moves, Miz is tagged in. Dorado knocks Morrison down. Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale on Dorado. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: The Miz, John Morrison and The Forgotten Sons

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Corbin as he says the King has arrived. She asks him about Sunday’s Money in the Bank match. He says tonight, he and Nakamura and Cesaro is going against Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak. He asks who would want to be their partner? He says he is looking straight to Money in the Bank. Corbin runs through the list of competitors in the match and mentions that Otis will lose like Mandy did earlier. Corbin says he will be King Money in the Bank.

A clip airs showing WWE stars as well as other athletes showing their support for everyone in the medical community. It’s entitled The Real Heroes.

Renee Young is in the ring and she introduces Jeff Hardy to the ring. Renee says we have seen the clips of Jeff Hardy’s career, she asks him what he has left to prove. Jeff says he’s not sure but he has climbed some tall mountains in WWE and he has swanton bombed off most of them. He says he is back, every low has taught him to get back up and  taught him that he is a survivor. As he is talking, Sheamus is backstage watching and is not impressed.

Hardy says he can still hear people’s voices chanting Hardy. The fans have been with him his entire career and he says he wants the fans to stick with him for one more good run in the WWE because he knows he’s not done. Sheamus is watching backstage and leaves the scene. Hardy says he is surprised Sheamus hasn’t interrupted him. He calls Sheamus out.

Out comes Sheamus holding a microphone. Sheamus says this is the saddest thing he has seen in WWE. He asks Jeff who he thinks still cares about him. Sheamus says the fans love the high flying maniac who competed in the first TLC match. The triple crown, grand slam champion. He says but the fans are tired of his suspensions, releases, no shows, the wasted second chances.

Hardy says to be such a hater, he sure does know a lot about him. Sheamus tells him the sad part is he’s not a hater. He used to respect him and even watched his video package last week which is when he realized he’s never coming back. Hardy asks Sheamus if he should ask himself that, fella. Sheamus says he is not afraid of the hard truth and that everyone knows Jeff’s next failure is right around the corner. Everyone but Jeff.l

Sheamus says since he came back, he has been knocking down SmackDown’s weakest flames and Jeff’s flame is barely burning. Sheamus says its time for him to put it off. He gets in the ring as the two start to brawl. Jeff with whisper in the wind followed by a Twist of Fate on Sheamus. Jeff climbs the top rope and lands the Swanton Bomb.

WWE Universal championship one on one: Braun Strowman and The Fiend Bray Wyatt

Strowman says he made his debut with the Wyatt Family but if Wyatt thinks he owes his success to him, he’s more delusional than he looks. Strowman says Wyatt was afraid of him before and he still is now. And if he has anything to say to him, to say it to his face.

Out comes Bray Wyatt in his FireFly Fun House uniform. Red shirt and black pants with no Fiend mask. He smiles and gets in the ring. He tells Braun it’s a shame it had to come to this. All he ever wanted was for Braun to say he is sorry. Strowman says he doesn’t owe him anything. Wyatt says that’s not true and he knows that. Strowman says what he knows is on Sunday, he’s tje one who will be sorry. Wyatt says he knows Braun and a good creatue always knows his own creations. He knows what Brauns going to say and do. And he knows what’s best for him.

Strowman tells him to shut up and he doesn’t know anything about him. Wyatt says Strowman needs to come home. He tells Strowman he needs to remove that burden that is the WWE Universal title, so that Strowman can join him. Wyatt says he needs to get back that Universal championship. Strowman says he is not an idiot and he won’t say he will get these hands to prove a point to him. Wyatt laughs. Strowman says he doesn’t know him and at Money in the Bank, this all ends.

Wyatt laughs and tells him their journey is just beginning. He doesn’t want to spoil anything but he wants to give him a taste of things to come. Wyatt gives him the black sheep mask and tells him to take it. Strowman looks tempted as he looks at the mask. We cut to Wyatt’s puppets telling Strowman to come home. Strowman says he is home and he has the Universal championship. And this Sunday, he’s going to keep it. And Wyatt will be stuck playing with his puppets.

Strowman mocks Wyatt and tells him bye, see you Sunday as he leaves the ring. Wyatt tells him he tried.

Otis is walking backstage as he’s stopped by Bryan and Gulak. They ask about Mandy and ask him if he heard what Corbin said about him earlier. Otis says he was with Mandy.

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Lacey Evans and Tamina

The bell rings and we are under way. Tamina starts the match as Sasha and Bayley are talking to see who starts. Tamina knocks them both to the outside. Banks and Bayley are both talking on the outside. Bayley gets in the ring as Tamina throws her in the corner. An elbow by Bayley who tries to make the tag but Tamina grabs her. A bodyslam by Tamina onto the women’s champion.

A splash in the corner by Tamina as she turns her attention to Sasha. Bayley jumps on Tamina and Banks is tagged in. A chop block by Bayley as Sasha hits her with a knee to the face. Right hands by Sasha as she gets Tamina in the corner. Sasha beating up on Tamina as Bayley tags herself into the match. She beats up on Tamina in the corner as Sasha is tagged in. They double team Tamina but Tamina knocks them both down.

Sasha and Bayley rolls to the outside. Lacey Evans attacks Sasha on the outside as Tamina grabs Bayley’s hair and Bayley hangs Tamina up on the second rope. Bayley jumps off the top rope but Tamina knocks her down.

Back in the ring, Lacey and Sasha are in the ring. A leg sweep by Lacey takes Sasha down. She climbs the second rope but Bayley distracts her as Sasha trips Lacey up. A basement drop kick by Sasha. She goes for the cover but Lacey kicks out. Bayley is tagged in as they double team Evans. Bayley goes for the cover but Evans kicks out. With the referee distracted, Banks hits Evans with a cheap shot.

Banks is tagged in and they double team Lacey in the corner. Bayley is tagged in. Evans fights back with right hands, rolls through them and Tamina is tagged. Bayley and Banks knock Tamina to the outside. Banks jumps but is caught by Tamina who throws Sasha into the barricade.

Bayley jumps on Tamina but Tamina throws her to the floor. She sends Bayley back into the ring and knocks her down. She gets Bayley in the corner and lands a big splash. Tamina climbs the top rope as Banks tries to interfere but Tamina knocks her down. Bayley climbs the second rope but Tamina knocks her down. Tamina jumps but Bayley gets her knees up.

Both women back up and a Bayley to Belly on Tamina. Bayley climbs the top rope and lands the elbow drop. She goes for the cover but Tamina kicks out. Bayley grabs Tamina but Tamina lifts Bayley up as Sasha kicks Tamina down. Women’s Rights by Evans onto Sasha. Bayley knocks her to the outside. A super kick by Tamina followed by a Samoan Drop on Bayley. She goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: Lacey Evans and Tamina

Corey Graves narrates a video which airs that takes us through the WWE Headquarters previewing the Money in the Bank matches.

Carmella and Dana Brooke are backstage with Kayla. Brooke says no one thought she would beat Naomi but she did. Brooke says no one knows what to expect in this match and she has just as good of a chance as anyone. Carmella says she won her match and she is in the Money in the Bank match. And as a former champion, this gives her an advantage. It’s every woman for herself but on Sunday, she will grab the contract and remind everyone why Mella is Money.

The hacker is sitting in a black hoodie as we clips of tag teams matches. He says the thing about anger is you could always hear it before you see it.

King Baron Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak and Otis

The bell rings and we are under way. Bryan with a dropkick on Corbin. Kicks by Bryan but Corbin catches his leg and gets in a Boston crab but Bryan gets out of it and reverses it into right hands. Gulak is tagged in as they double team Corbin but a right hand by Corbin. Gulak fights back with a right hand and a drop kick. Corbin rolls to the outside. He gets back in and Cesaro is tagged in.

Cesaro with a shoulder block. He goes for a powerslam but Gulak reverses it into a powerslam of his own. Gulak climbs the top rope and with the referee distracted, Nakamura knocks Gulak down. A gutwrench suplex by Cesaro. He geos for the cover but Gulak kicks out. Nakamura is tagged in. Nakamura with a snapmare. He goes for a knee to the face but Gulak moves and Otis is tagged in. Nakamura with kicks to Otis but Otis doesn’t feel it.

Otis knocks Nakamura down and knocks Corbin and Cesaro off the ring apron. A waist lock by Nakamura but Otis reverses it and slams Nakamura into the mat. A running splash by Otis. He gets in the corner and lands the caterpillar. In comes Cesaro but Otis slams him down. Gulak and Bryan get in and throw Nakamura to the outside.

Back from commercial, Corbin with an arm bar headlock on Bryan in the ring. Bryan gets out of it and a drop kick on Corbin’s knee takes him down. Cesaro is tagged in and a big boot takes Otis down as Gulak is tagged in. He knocks Cesaro down. Right hands by Gulak as he throws Cesaro down. Gulak runs towards Cesaro but Cesaro catches him and places him on the top rope. Cesaro with an uppercut but Gulak jumps off and gets a chin lock but Cesaro reverses it and gets out ofi it.

Corbin is tagged in as Gulak clothesline Cesaro to the outside. Gulak with right hands and he goes after the knee. The Gulock on Corbin as Nakamura breaks it up. Otis knocks Nakamura down. Cesaro kicks Otis but Otis doesn’t feel it. He lifts Cesaro and t hrows him to the outside. Corbin throws Otis to the outside.

Gulak with a roll up on Corbin but Corbin kicks out. A kick by Corbin as he throws Gulak in the corner. Gulak with a kick. He climbs the second rope and a flying clothesline takes Corbin down. He goesfor the cover but Corbin kicks out.

Cesaro and Nakamura throw Otis into the ring post. In comes Bryan but he’s knocked down by the both of them. Back in the ring, Corbin lands the Deep Six on Gulak. He goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winners: King Baron Corbin, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

Both teams fight after the match. Corbin makes it to the stage as the other five men fight over the barricade and to the back. Baron Corbin grabs a ladder and places it in the middle of the ring. He climbs the ladder but in comes Daniel Bryan who knocks him down.

Daniel Bryan gets Corbin in the corner but Corbin throws Bryan into the ladder. He throws Bryan to the outside and places the ladder back and starts to climb it up towards the Money in the Bank briefcase. In comes Otis as they fight. Otis grabs the ladder and slams it into Corbin knocking him down. Otis sets up the ladder and he takes his first step but the step breaks. He tries the second step but that breaks.

In comes Corbin who throws Otis shoulder first into the turnbuckle and to the outside. Bryan brings in a new ladder but Corbin stomps on him. He goes for a kick but a dragon screw by Bryan takes Corbin down. Bryan grabs the ladder and places it in the ring. Bryan climbs the ladder but in comes Corbin who flips the ladder as Bryan falls onto the top rope.

Corbin throws Bryan onto the outside into Otis. Corbin climbs the ladder and grabs the briefcase.